Readings/Signings 2019

Event Date Location
Reading/Q&A/Signing March 5, 7pm Porter Square Books

Conventions 2019

Event Date Location Panels
Boskone 56 February 15-17 Boston, MA Star Wars: What’s Next?
Friday 2/15, 4PM
Marina 4

Saturday 2/16, 10AM
Galleria – Autographing

The Importance of Speculative Nonfiction
Saturday 2/16, 4PM
Marina 1

Must See TV
Saturday 2/16, 9PM

Gimme That Old-Time Space Adventure
Sunday 2/17, 1PM
Harbor II

Emerald City Comicon March 14-17 Seattle, WA Signing
Friday, 3/15, 11:15am-12:15pm
University Books Booth
Worldcon 77 August 16-20 Dublin, Ireland TBA


Conventions 2018

Event Date Location Panels
ConFusion January 18-21 Novi, MI Spoilers and the Mechanics of Surprise
Friday 1/19, 6PM

You Got Magic In My Science Fiction!
Saturday 1/20, 4pm

Autograph Session
Saturday 1/20, 5pm

Boskone February 16-18 Boston, MA My Favorite Game
Friday 2/16, 3PM

Saturday 2/17, 10AM
Galleria – Autographing

“Realistic Hackers”
Sunday 2/18, 12pm
Marina 4

Resurrecting Superman
Sunday 2/18, 1pm
Marina 4

Emerald City Comicon March 1-4 Seattle, WA Inconceivable!: A Game of Nerdery and Nonsense
Thursday 3/1, 6:30PM Pacific
Worldcon 76 August 16-20 San Jose, CA TBA


Readings/Signings 2017

Event Date Location
Reading/Q&A/Signing June 1, 7pm Newtonville Books
Reading/Q&A/Signing (with L.L. Soares) July 27, 7pm Porter Square Books

Conventions 2017

Event Date Location Panels
ConFusion January 19-22 Novi, MI Mr. Robot Roundtable
Saturday 1/21, 1PM

Fantasy & SF All-Stars
Sunday 1/22, 10AM

Boskone February 17-19 Boston, MA The Flash, Supergirl, and the DC Universe
Friday 2/17, 4PM

Geek Is Chic — Or Is It?
Friday 2/17, 5PM
Marina 2

The Year of the Podcast
Saturday 2/18, 11AM
Marina 4

Immersive Technology
Saturday 2/18, 1PM
Marina 3

The Princess Bride Then, Now, & Tomorrow
Sunday 2/19, Noon
Harbor II

Wonder Woman & The Justice League
Sunday 2/19, 1PM
Marina 1

Emerald City Comicon March 2-5 Seattle, WA Inconceivable!: A Game of Nerdery and Nonsense
Thursday 3/2, 3:45PM
WSCC 617 – Podcast Zone Stage
Worldcon August 9-13 Helsinki, Finland How I Would Destroy the World with Science
Thursday 8/10, 2PM
Messukeskus, 203a

Friday 8/11, 12PM
Signing area