2017: A big year

So, it’s 2017. Which still sounds about as futuristic as 2015 did back in Back to the Future, Part II, but at least we’ve still got a few years before 2020 rolls around, and we all come to terms with that.

For me, 2017’s a big year because hey, look, my first novel comes out! I’m still not entirely convinced this is real, and fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly between now and then. Like, hopefully I don’t get hit by a meteor, because that would put a real damper on everything.

Anyway, you’ll all be able to read the novel later this year1—I’m not 100% sure exactly when, but as soon as I do have confirmation, believe me: I will be shouting it from the rooftops. Which is probably how I end up getting hit by that meteor.

But because of that, I’m going to be doing some public appearances this year, and I figured it would be a good idea to have a place to keep track of that, a) for interested parties and b) so I remember exactly where the hell I’m supposed to be and when. Hence, the new (and currently kind of bare bones) Appearances page at that link there and in the navbar. I’ll be updating it with more events as the year progresses and I confirm my travel plans, and I will include more information about my specific appearances at those events as those too get the thumbs up. So, if you’re interested in catching me in the wild, like one of your Pokémons, you’ll know where I will be.2

  1. I’m very excited about this, but also kind of terrified in a way that only emoji can express: 😱

  2. OR WILL I?

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