Put a pin in this: The shirts are back in town

Ah, the holiday season: A time to celebrate with family and loved ones, eat a lot of food, and possibly even buy gifts for people.

Gifts, you say? What to get that discerning person on your list. Well, it just so happens I’ve got a few suggestions for you.


I’m pretty psyched to be offering, for the first time, this fantastic Illyrican Empire shirt. In your choice of red (on tri-blend or 100% cotton) or heather gray (tri-blend only), this fetching piece of attire emblazoned with the crest of the Imperium and makes a wonderful addition to any wardrobe. Suitable for everything from casual get-togethers to formal royal events to undercover spy missions.

And, if you missed out on my earlier Commonwealth of Independent Systems shirts, well, you’ve got another chance to pick one up for a song. (That song is “Sleigh Ride.”) We’ve got blue, indigo, and military green on tri-blend, as well as a blue 100% cotton option.

Both shirts are on sale at Cotton Bureau until December 3rd; if you do buy one, be sure to use code ALLTHETEES at checkout to be entered for some fun prizes, including AirPods, an iPad, and even an iMac. (Full disclosure: I also get entered for those prizes if you do.) If we hit the necessary sales thresholds, I will also be giving away some free shirts to lucky folks on my newsletter list, to which you can subscribe on the front page of the site.


One more new addition coming soon: a Commonwealth pin! This is particularly exciting to me, because as a kid, I used to collect pins. (I think my first was Michaelangelo from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which I got with tickets from Skee-Ball at an arcade and hoo boy, I am totally dating myself, aren’t I?)

Anyway, pins seem to be all the rage now, which is a little bit of a bummer because why couldn’t they have been cool like thirty years ago, huh? Anyway, this pin will fit on your lapel or your bag or anywhere else you want to stick it. (Please do not stick pins in any other living beings—I know your little brother is annoying, but that’s not the answer.)

Anyway, the pin should be available in a couple weeks from Cotton Bureau, at which point I’ll be sure to provide more info about ordering.

Free Bookplates

And just a reminder: if you want a free—totally free!—customized and signed bookplate to throw on your copy of The Caledonian Gambit or save for your upcoming copy of The Bayern Agenda, I’ve got a form where you can request one.

Just hit up that page using the password sabaea, put in your address and any customization you want (honestly, I will write pretty much anything), and I will mail one out, at no cost to you. It’s my easy (and free) gift to you, or to your loved one.

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