Short Stories

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    “Pilot Error”

    Short StoryTimeline: Immediately preceding The Bayern Agenda

    It’s been six months—six endless months—since former starfighter pilot Eli Brody helped Simon Kovalic and his team of Commonwealth covert operatives take on a terrorist organization on his home planet of Caledonia. But instead of being swept up in a new life of intrigue and excitement, Eli has instead been tasked with sharpening his rusty piloting skills on routine asteroid mining missions.

    But, as he’s about to discover, those missions can quickly become anything but routine…

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    Short StoryTimeline: Two months after The Bayern Agenda

    The job was supposed to be straightforward: find an Illyrican scientist and make sure he didn’t make his way back to the Imperium. But Commonwealth operative Simon Kovalic knows nothing ever goes to plan. So, when a duplicitous bounty hunter lives up to his reputation, Kovalic’s ready—just maybe not ready enough.

    Now he and his team must get offworld, before their enemies catch up with them…

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    Short StoryTimeline: Nine months after The Bayern Agenda

    Visiting your family can be stressful. For Commander Natalie Taylor of the Commonwealth Navy, it’s doubly so, since it means traveling across enemy lines to her homeworld of Centauri, occupied by the Illyrican Empire for the last twenty years.

    And when you’re a spy with a job to do, well, it can be downright deadly.