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Ratings, giveaway, cover battle, and more

It’s less than a week before The Caledonian Gambit is out there in the wild , so it seemed like a good time to let you know what’s going on in the run-up to the book’s official release. Ratings and … Continue reading

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Words and pictures

Since today is my birthday and since there’s less than one month until The Caledonian Gambit hits stores, it seems like a great time for a few quick updates—including a special present, oooooh. How to help A lot of folks … Continue reading

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Cover story and Q&A

Over at the Skyhorse Publishing blog, they’ve officially revealed the cover for The Caledonian Gambit, along with a Q&A with me about the book. But there’s a bit of a funny story about the development of the cover that I … Continue reading

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2017: A big year

So, it’s 2017. Which still sounds about as futuristic as 2015 did back in Back to the Future, Part II, but at least we’ve still got a few years before 2020 rolls around, and we all come to terms with that. For … Continue reading

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Finishing things

You know what? Finishing things is hard. I don’t want to undersell quite how difficult it is: for every project that finds its way to completion—no matter how imperfect—there are dozens, if not hundreds, that lie discarded along the way: … Continue reading

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The Road to Published

Yep, it’s true: I sold a book! Well, more specifically, my fantastic agents over at JABberwocky, Joshua Bilmes and Sam Morgan, sold my first novel to Talos Press, an imprint of Skyhorse Publishing. That book, which is now titled The … Continue reading

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